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Network and Information Systems

We create wired and wireless data network infrastructures, physical and virtualized server infrastructures, cloud systems, wifi systems, IP video surveillance systems and VoIP telephony, video conferencing systems, access control, customized VPNs, home automation, IoT platforms.


We create customized web-based software platforms and app for smart devices.

Integrated Systems

We create integrated hardware and software platforms, and embedded systems.


We create ICT security infrastructures, security reports, identification and fixing of existing security holes.

Enterprise Resource Planning

We create customized integrated Enterprise Resource Planning solutions for the digitization of your business processes, performance monitoring and compliance control.

Compliance check

We perform documentary checks of the degree of regulatory compliance applicable to your organization and operational controls (internal part I and external audits at suppliers and / or subcontractors of part II).

Document writing

We create Business Plans, risk and opportunity assessment plans, health and safety risk assessment in the workplace, documentation for legislative compliance and regulatory standards (ISO 9001, 45001, 14001) applicable to the context of your organization.

Innovative systems

We create solutions in smart areas (smart city, smart home, smart working) through the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, including Industrial IoT, Cloud computing, Augmented Reality, Cybersecurity.

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